Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wood Block Decor

Recently my DH and I went to Branson for one of our sons classmates birthday party. While we were there I went to a cute little craftmall (that was tucked away in the hills and I am sure I couldn't get there again). While inside the mall I noticed these cute little wood blocks with letters on them. I fell in love with many of them but then I turned them over and say the price, some were as much as $55.00. So I decided that I was going to come home and make my own.
My DH had some extra scrap lumber and he cut several blocks in various sizes:
As you can see from the picture he was able to cut many blocks! My next step was to paint them black. I chose black because that is what they used at the craftmall and it offers a really nice contrast to whatever paper you use. This process took a bit as it has to dry. I used the inexpensive paints from Michael's (you know the ones that you can get for 2/$1.00).
(You can see the paint bottle I used)
Once it was dry I selected random sized blocks, picked out my paper (I chose to use three different pattern papers), and then I used a solid color cardstock and my cricut to cut out the word 'Family'.
(As you can see I cut Family twice because the first time I messed up on the size)
Everything was glued down using MP, I chose to stand my blocks up on a shelf without attaching them to each other.
Here they are on my shelf (sorry for the glare the picture was taken using my phone)
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my project! 


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