Tuesday, December 17, 2013

11/22/63 by Stephen KIng Book Club #1

So my family book club has chosen 11/22/63 by Stephen King to be out first read in our new book club. At the time of the selection my mom was the experienced one when it comes to Stephen King books and let me just say that we should have heeded the warnings and went with a different author. At least we all agreed that our little book club will NEVER read another Stephen King book...or at least not for a very long time.
There are four of us in our book club, my mom is an avid reader and goes through something like 1,000 books a year, my sister and I have jumped on all the popular bandwagons and read the latest and greatest book that everyone is talking about, and my brother reads occasionally. So for a book club made up of family we have already started out with four completely different levels. We all have different likes when it comes to books, mom liking Si-Fi and my sister liking Trilogies while my brother seems to lean toward Biography books and me liking everything except Si-Fi.
To get ourselves started on one of the largest books I have ever read, we decided to break the book into the different parts. We were to have parts 1-2 read by December 8th. Well that didn't happen so we decided to meet last weekend and we were to also have part 3 read (we met but not everyone had the book read). This book has been a struggle for all of us!
 Why were are struggling??? The man uses too many words to explain the scene....it shouldn't take 4 pages to explain that the wind was blowing out of the north. At this point in the book he has taken us all over the place and there doesn't seem to be anything that is tying the characters together or the plot (if there is a plot at all).
 This is not a book I would recommend to anyone. I am halfway through the book and it has now become a chore to read and we are all feeling the same way.

You can see my mom's book review at the link here:
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  1. I'm with you for S. King's latest venture...at least I think it's his latest. I made the mistake of down-loading the audible version. Thank goodness it was my monthly freebie. I managed to get through a third of it...while on the treadmill. If I had had to sit through and actual read it, I think I would have put it down after the first 2 chapters. At any rate, I finally gave myself permission to stop and I will probably delete it. I used to enjoy King and have read at least 8 or so of his novels...I think I've out-grown him now.
    I see you have entered to join the Simply Create Too Design Team of which I am a DT member. All the best to you. You have my vote. Happy New Year.