Tuesday, December 10, 2013

DD#82 Rich Pink and Green Challenge


So it has been awhile since I have popped over to the Dynamic Duos Challenge site and since we are experiencing another snow day here in the Ozarks I thought I play along!

My entry is a paper wreath! The paper I used is from Stampin' Up!, but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the paper pack that I purchased (which is frustrating because I want to get some more).

You will need:
12' foam wreath (I got mine at Michael's using 40% coupon so it was only a couple of dollars)
6 12 x 12 Double sided scrapbook pages cut in 1/2" stripes
Straight pens (about 180)
Bone folder
Chocolate...lots of chocolate and maybe a few band-aides

How to assemble:
 1. Cut paper into 1/2" stripes
Note: It helps to keep your stripes in stacks so when you go to assemble you are not grabbing two of the same colors.
2. With your bone folder curl your paper (just like you curl a ribbon on a gift)
3. Begin pinning the paper to the wreath
4. Remember...there are no mistakes!

My finished wreath:

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  1. Wow, that is a super impressive wreath, I love it......

  2. Beautiful wreath. I like your comment about the chocolate. It always helps. :)
    Thanks for sharing at the Dynamic Duos.

  3. Kim, this is so great! Thanks for the instructions, too! I have the name on the tip of my tongue...such a pretty choice of DSP. You made a lovely wreath- you make me want to make one!