Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Monday Challenges I have found

In my quest to start changing some things in my life, I have decided to start participating in some blog challenges. With that being said...there are a ton out there in the world wide web and it appears that there is something out there for everybody! Some challenges begin on Monday and end on Sunday, some are just once a month. Some blog challenges have tons of rules while are others have simple rules to follow. Some blogs just have the rule of "Just have fun" and allow you to create whatever project you feel like making such as cards, scrapbook pages, paper crafts, wood crafts...the possibilities are endless!
With that being said I have complied a small list of blog challenges that I would like to try in the month if December. Now I know that I will not be able to get to every single one this month but won't it be fun to try?

Monday Blog Challenges:

I would love to hear of different challenges that you have tried, just leave a comment below so that we can all join in and play!

Thanks for stopping by and as always I would love for you to follow my blog but the very least leave a comment below!

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