Friday, January 10, 2014

How do you get followers on your blog?

So today I am taking a break from creating cards. We went back to school today (after 20 days off due to Christmas break and snow days) and I feel like I was playing catch up all day. I teach computers and it seemed as though most students completely forgot how to work a computer after such a long break.

With that being said my attention tonight is on my blog. How do I get people who visit my blog to decide to become a follower of my blog? What is it about a blog that makes you decide to become a follower? I have recently been putting more effort into my blog and the traffic has really picked up since I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge and have also joined several other card making challenges, however, my followers are still at a low number. So how do I change this?

I have to wonder if my blog is too "busy" with random thoughts, card making and other crafts. Is it better to focus on one thing or is it okay the way it is? What is it about a blog that makes you decide to become a follower? If you do a give away, does that bring more followers?  As a crafter, do I need to explore the world of YouTube and start linking videos back to my blog?

I would love your thoughts and suggestions as I want this to be successful.

Thank you for stopping by today and especially thank you to those that choose to leave a comment. And as always I would love for you to follow my blog!

Have a great week (we are out for three days...which is crazy after our 20 day vacation we just came back from today).


  1. I think just being yourself, and sticking it out, will attract those who like what you write about. You do have to use keywords that they might search for, but if I find someone writing about something that interests me, in a way that appeals to me, I'll follow them.

  2. I agree with Linda. Just keep being yourself and write about the things you are passionate about. Continue to let your authentic voice be heard. Those who are interested in the topic(s) you blog about will find their way to you and follow you. Stay consistent in your blogging and be patient. It takes time to build a following. The ideas you've already come up with sound great! People are always looking for "how to" do something. If you show them via videos on your blog, I'm sure your following will grow. Just don't give up!

  3. one common way to attract followers is by producing good content. those who like your content, will automatically follow your blog.