Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Personalized Fly Leaf

So there is a world that I did not know existed until my sister introduced it to me several months ago. It is the world of Day Planners. I think they were pretty popular before we had all of this technology. Most people seem to be pretty excited about the brand FiloFax. There are groups on Facebook dedicated to the FiloFax and YouTube videos showing how they decorate their pages and also how they organize their planners.
As a scrapbooker and card maker the idea of decorating pages was exciting to me but as a computer teacher I struggled with the idea of going back to paper and not utilizing the technology at my finger tips...and then my phone failed. If your phone has ever failed you understand how your whole schedule gets turned upside down. So I am embracing my planner (although I do not own the actual brand FiloFax because I cannot justify spending $100+ on a planner).
My sister, mom and I now get together at least two to three times a month just so we can decorate our planners and brainstorm about ways we can improve our daily schedules. We are meeting this Sunday so I decided to try my hand at creating custom Fly Leafs for each of them. Now to be completely honest I am not 100% sure what a Fly Leaf is for but I know that the videos and blogs I have looked at have referenced their Fly Leaf.
I made one for my sister using a Translucent Vellum with White Embossing powder and for my mom she has black embossing powder. The stamp set I used was Whimsical Upper and Lower Case from Close to My Heart and I used Clear Embossing Ink.
Personalized Fly Leaf

Sneak Peak of this weeks daily schedule

Another view of this weeks schedule
I love Washi Tape!!!

Picture of my January Calendar

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