Monday, January 13, 2014

Sometimes you just need a quick card

Today I have created a quick card out of scraps that I have (because you know us scrapbookers, we cannot throw away anything). Since Valentine's Day is getting closer I created this cute little card:

Materials used:
To be honest I have had these scraps for so long I couldn't tell you who manufacturers the paper.

What is nice about making your own cards is that even though it may not have taken hours to create with each card you put a little bit of yourself in it. It is my wish that the world would get back into the long lost art of card writing and letter writing. I know for me it really puts a smile on my face to receive a card! 

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  1. That's very creative! I wouldn't know what to do if I had any of those scraps at home. They'd probably just end up in the recycle bin!

  2. Great idea for repurposing - I just cannot get the hang of making my own cards but I LOVE that you share products I can get in the UK :)

  3. I really enjoy the darker color palette of this card :)

  4. it has been long since i received any hard copy card. most wishes are in email :)
    this is a nice card