Monday, January 6, 2014

My Day Planner

So I have gotten on the kick of the day planner. Actually a lot of people use the product called FiloFax but for me I just cannot justify spending $180 on a planner. I actually have two planners that I work with, one is my day to day planner and then I have another one that I use for my blog.

This is a picture of my craft desk today. At the bottom of the page is a Smash Book that I laid out to work on because I went to Walgreens and printed 239 pictures that will be going into that book. On top of the book I have started an inventory list of all of my scrapbook/craft supplies such as my Stamps, Embossing Folders, Cricut cartridge, etc. Then there is my book (and yes I decorate each page because it is like a mini scrapbook of my life). I used the Ultimate Blog Challenge calendar and cut it up and glued down each date of task on my weekly calendar.
My weekly schedule has my UBC tasks plus I write down my titles for the blog I wrote that day and I also write down any blogs that I need to check on because I entered a card.
I would love to hear how others keep their blogs organized.

Thanks for stopping by and as always I would love for you to leave me a comment!
 (It is -17 degrees here today...what is your temp?)

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  1. Alana visiting from the UBC. It's still 20 here, with the temperatures dropping since midnight. My blog organization - there is none. I'm fortunate though; I don't blog on any one particular topic most of the time. Even for my weekly themes (I have three weekly themes) I tend to go with something last minute, depending on events of the day to give me inspiration.